Welcome to DOMEIT.COM

DOMEIT.COM is a different kind of doming resin supplier. We are the ACTUAL MANUFACTURERS of all the polyurethane we sell. Only by making the product can we ensure it is the very best product available. Also, by cutting out the middleman you get better value. We offer both 2/1 and 1/1 formulations, in either 50 ml, 75 ml, or 400 ml cartridges. Also, we give you a choice of Hard, Medium, or Soft,  'Shore D Hardness' when cured.

Our objective is to offer the Professional Domer a better deal, so that doming becomes a more profitable venture. No sharp practice - you will notice that we always include a FREE Mixer Tube with every cartridge we sell. Either 50 ml 75 ml or 400 ml will always have the mixer supplied.

Also, our polyurethane is Expressly Formulated for use in hand operated cartridge dispensers.   Some companies who sell cartridges just buy machine grade polyurethane and repack it in cartridges. Resin made for doming machines is just not suitable for use in cartridges. The cure time is much too long, and the CPS viscosity is much too high. Many are in the range 600+ cps (which is similar to molasses) whereas our product is 275 cps which means that when first dispensed it flows like water, but then the correct gel (cure) time takes over to ensure a quick cure. Also, High Viscocity means you use more for each square inch of domed area you produce. Our cartridges will increase the area you can dome with each cartridge by as much as 50% in many cases.

Our product is formulated to be touch dry in just over an hour at room temperature. Compare this to a product made for the lengthy progress through a doming machine (instead of  the few inches long mixer tube used on hand dispensers). The machine grade material can take several hours to cure, or even worse requires a special heated cabinet to enable it to set. Because our material cures quickly at normal room temperature it is quite possible to dome and ship the same day. PLEASE GO TO OUR TECHNICAL SECTION FOR MORE INFORMATION