50 ml 6 Cartridge Refill Doming Kit

$98.17 $89.25

Doming kit refill pack containing 6 x 50 ml Cartridges of auto grade doming resin with 6 Mixer Tubes (Domes approx. 300 square inches) 

Contains the Highest Quality U.V. Resistant Doming Grade Polyurethane (Up to 6 years outdoor exposure without any yellowing, fading or other discoloration) PLEASE NOTE: This is not the cheap 'Indoor Grade' material offered by some vendors.

18 Months Warranty. All our doming resin cartridges are guaranteed for 18 months from day of purchase.

1 Hour Cure at room temperature. No heated cabinets, ovens, or any other additional heat application is required. Domed labels cure 'Touch Dry' in just over an hour at room temperature.

Viscocity CPS 275. Most of the other doming resins on the market are CPS 600 (like molasses) because they are formulated for use in doming machines.. Our doming resin is specially formulated for use in hand held dispensers, hence the better viscosity and cure time.