Doming Grade Polyurethane, in Cartridges or Gallon Cans.

Touch Dry in One Hour.

We are the ACTUAL MANUFACTURERS of all the polyurethane we sell. Only by making the product can we ensure it is the very best product available. Also, by cutting out the middleman you naturally get better prices. We offer both 2/1 and 1/1 formulations, in 50 ml, 75 ml, or 400 ml cartridges. Each cartridge is supplied with a FREE mixer tube.

Out polyurethane is expressly formulated for use in hand operated cartridge dispensers.  We ensure that it has the correct viscosity and a fast gel (cure) time at room temperature.

(Many companies who sell cartridges just buy machine grade polyurethane and repack it in cartridges).

Resin made for use in doming machines is just not suitable for use in cartridges. The cure time is much too long, and the CPS viscosity is much too high. Many are in the range 600+ cps (which is similar to molasses) whereas our product is 275 cps which means that when first dispensed it flows like water, which makes it easy to dome sharp corners and awkward shapes. But soon the correct gel (cure) time takes over to ensure a quick cure even at room temperature. 

Also, the High Viscosity of competitors products means you use more for each square inch of domed area you produce. Our cartridges will increase the area you can dome with each cartridge by as much as 50% in many cases.