2.6 Gallons of Doming Grade Polyurethane $283.70 (= $109.11 per Gallon)

$371.36 $337.60

2.6 Gallons Kit of Doming Grade Polyurethane.

We have had numerous requests for the supply of our product to be available for use in customers own doming machine, or to fill their own cartridges. This is a 2.6 Gallon pack comprising one 1.3 Gallon can of Part A and one 1.3 Gallon can of Part B 

Enough to fill 133 of our size "75ml Empty Cartridges"

To check if you like it, note that this is the very same product supplied in our pre filled 75ml cartridges. With the same feature of curing at room temperature in just over an hour - without any additional warm room or heated cabinet. Also, the same matched low viscosity for parts A and B so that it mixes easily at the point of application, and flows easily to dome difficult shaped labels.